About Me - Kris Marie, CPA

Too busy, too generous, and too overworked? I’m a career-mom on a mission to reclaim control!

The life I want:

A life where the balancing act I try to live is less like a heavy, imbalanced scale, and more like the scales of justice, hanging equally in the balance. A life where we build habits that generate a simpler environment, an environment where we don’t have to play catch-up all the time, but could sit back and let the room just fill with laughter. A life where it isn’t about the crazy last-minute, how am I ever going to get it all done, sinking feeling. A life filled with less anxiety, less stress, and most-importantly where a SCATTER-BRAINED MAMA doesn’t exist anymore! Let’s take the stress out of our families! You can read more about my role as a mama here.

What you will find in this blog:

  1. How to set your expectations lower but still be happy with yourself and your choices.
  2. How to make your family’s life less about consumption (energy, time, and stuff) and more about daily habits.
  3. Tricks on how to not let new projects consume you, which take you away from other things you should be doing.
  4. Attempts our family takes to cut back, live simpler, and consume less.
  5. A shift in responsibility to my family. Remember, we do not have to be in control of it ALL.
  6. How to build a pantry in your home that lasts for 6 weeks. (Did you know this is the length of time it takes for typical stores to cycle through their sales?)
  7. Freezer cooking and canning attempts, which I’ve never done before now, but are projects that I KNOW that if I did them they would help me remove some major dinner stressors.
  8. Tips and tricks I personally now use to meal-plan, and discussion as to whether this actually saves me time or adds new stress.
  9. The best ways I find to save money -whether that be insight for you into our own personal budget, or learning how to coupon… small-scale.
  10. Learn how to eliminate STICKY NOTES from your life. (I know, this seems impossible.) But the problem with sticky notes or lists pasted to the fridge is that they get lost and/or aren’t there when you need them.
  11. Blog-sharing secrets to de-clutter if you (like me) run what-if scenarios for every item in your household.
  12. Templates for charts/lists that we try within our household; with links to the original creator and dialogue discussing what worked for us and what didn’t, and WHY.
    Much, much more as I try to blog my family to a better life!

The last thing I need is one more project to take me away from all the other things I need to be doing, so join me as I use these tools and tips to hold myself accountable for the changes I want to see in my family!

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