When Life Hands You Too Much At One Time

Posted on Sun 05/31/15 in Working Parents

Every so often, life tries to steal time from me, by making sure I’m too busy putting out fires that I fail to pay attention to where and when it disappeared.

Sometimes I have to spend a minute and figure out what it is that’s really important in life. Life can get so overwhelming and if you don’t do that at the peak of the craziness it could become really easy to slip into depression, anxiety or some altered mental state. My family deserves more than that, and so do you.

Recently we’ve had an abundance of fires. How about you? I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes it feels that way though. We went on vacation and hit a deer on the way, and the insurance company totaled our car, making us a one-car family for awhile at least. We’re trying to buy a house, but as everyone in this situation knows there are constant roadblocks with this process. In addition, I lost my job three months ago, making the house-buying process trickier and life overall more stressful. After my job loss, I was able to find immediate work, but I don’t have stable work figured out yet and the work I’ve found is 1/3 less pay than what I was making before. This severe pay decrease has resulted in turmoil within our family finances, and daily stress. Six months before all of these stresses, we packed up our house and our careers for a move of 200 miles, I had a new job I had to learn the ropes for, and we were planning our wedding while job interviewing. After the wedding, we went on our honeymoon and spent all our reserve cash paying off the wedding debt, which did not help when I soon lost my new job after that. It’s easy to see how the last nine months have gotten away from me.

I think I’m not the only one with these fires of life though. I see plenty of people on Facebook discussing threads of their own struggles: sickness, job loss or job changes, issues relating to children, people struggling to make ends meet, struggling with health issues, death of loved ones, cancer, new babies, foreclosure. THE KEY IS IN RECOGNIZING THAT IT’S A HURDLE, and then recognizing that you don’t want Time to take away the moments you do have.

Sometimes you don’t have much you can do except to keep pressing on. Keep making decisions. Keep acknowledging that these are hurdles and keep remembering that if you succumb to the constant stress you will lose precious days to the void where time travels.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Fight the fires while remembering the whole time that you must be cognizant of the world and your family.
  1. Pay attention. In times when life hands you too much at once, things are bound to go unnoticed or be forgotten, and it is often these forgotten minute details that spiral. Try to pay attention.
  1. Write things down. Even if you don’t write things down normally, you should use your cell phone to keep you oriented during these times when you realize you have too many things going on.

Do not hesitate to add your own comments! What are your tips?

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