Do Your Kids Spend Summers With Grandma?

Posted on Wed 08/12/15 in Working Parents

The lessons you learn from grandma never fade. They stay with you for life.

As I age, my grandmas stay perfect in my eyes. I daresay there’s no one that comes close to a grandma (except maybe a grandpa!) throughout our lives. And when we get old, we can only aspire to become a grandparent like them.

Grandma taught me patience in building a dollhouse, patience in waiting my turn, and patience in watching the pot boil. She taught me the importance of organization, and how to take care of my belongings. She taught me hard skills, like how to sew, why I should take the neighbor her mail, how to tie my shoes, how to cook and how to shop at a flea market. She encouraged me to write my ideas down, and she inspired me to make thoughtful hand-made gifts for Christmas. She let me know that it was always acceptable to bring my creativity to the table, and she taught me how to craft something out of not much of anything.

Maybe it was a generational thing, but I sure hope I can pass that along to my kids. Grandma insists on fairness; she always has and she always will. I may not have liked it, but it sure was worth learning.

I have multiple grandmas, like many of you do. And I have learned so many things from each of them. Did you know the best way to eat cherries is frozen? I remember going to visit grandma at work, and helping her visit with her elderly patients. Her patients just loved having a young girl to smile to and talk with, and I always felt like a huge help. It was definitely a life lesson.

I don’t know about your grandma, but my grandma expects nothing but the best effort from me, and I knew even as a child that she was expecting that from herself too. I know now as an adult, raising my own children, that that is a life skill worth having. I remember reading Black Beauty and becoming scared to read further; grandma’s lesson was to read all the way through to the end – for how else would you know that the story turned out okay? In life, everyone goes through trials and natural disasters, but you have to keep pressing on.

She taught me what to do when you get stung by a wasp. She taught me how to fish. She taught me about our family history, and encouraged me to be patient, kind and respectful as we visited various elderly friends and family, even when I was bored. She taught me and my brother how to properly wrap a present, with square folded edges – and I have to say, I just recently taught our six-year-old this same wrapping technique, and he loved seeing the paper fold down so crisp and square! It’s kind of goofy, but it’s nice to put such thoughtfulness into a gift for another!

Grandmas ooze love.

Grandmas’ make you beautiful. Grandmas’ make you bold. Grandmas’ bring out the best in you.

What makes you think about your grandmas?

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