My First Post: Making the decision to get less stressed

Posted on Thu 07/18/13 in Working Parents

The demands from kids, the pressures from work, and the endless requests and obligations that we take on – just trying to make your house into a home can cause endless stress and anxiety

for women with so many responsibilities these days; and for me it all adds up to a paralyzing chatter and dialogue running constantly through the front (and the back!) of my mind at all hours of the day; and at high-speeds! All I can do here is think of the Energizer bunny, banging his little drum!

And then don’t you love how there’s so many things either in the back of your mind or on lists, that when you don’t get them all accomplished you actually feel guilty…?

My goal with this, blog my way to a better life for my family. A life where the balancing act I try to live in is less like a heavy, imbalanced scale, and more like the image of the Scales of Justice, where both sides hang equally; sometime they move, but it’s less like a teeter-totter. If this blog encourages habits I can work on getting my family to develop, and tips and techniques that we can physically try to help get us there, life will be simpler. And a simpler environment means maybe we won’t have to play catch-up all the time, and instead we could just sit back and let the room fill with laughter.

A life where it isn’t about the crazy last-minute, how am I ever going to get it all done, sinking feeling. A life filled with less anxiety, less stress, and a life where a scatterbrained mama doesn’t exist anymore.

I know there have got to be ways out there, but when I jump in wholeheartedly with a new one, it becomes something that consumes my life and takes away from the other things I should really be doing. It’s time to make our lives (mine, DF, and DC) less about consumption and more about the daily habits. I only profess to be a mother, or a woman, just like you. Trying to find a way to not let my life hang too far down in the balance on one side only, leaving the other side to puddle up and form crises that then just tip the scale the other way.

What I do need, is to learn to let go, and to practice building habits.

It’s better that life be lived through a journey, not through a rush to the finish line. In my mind, the only way to do that is to be less stressed, and better balanced. So join me in my journey.


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