Responsiblity turned into burden - My greatest fear

Posted on Mon 10/21/13 in Working Parents

Why are the ideas we have to make things simpler so challenging to implement? When we do something to add simplicity to our lives, why is it always such a big project?

‘Granted, most of us if not all have our own responsibilities and that pretty much dictates why we do what we do. Yet, it’s a shame how responsibilities have turned into burden. Is this why you’re feeling less-than-stellar with your life?’ – Pick Your Brain

It could be time for a blog-article about this. Excellent thread of thought from PickYourBrain.

“Your answers under your nose. This article is about simplicity. It’s time to stop being so distracted and also to shut out the noise from the world.”

Interesting perspective he poses, that making our lives simpler is the answer. I mean, we’ve heard it all before, but how often do we ever really do it? When we do something to add simplicity to our lives, why is it always such a big project?

We want to clean out our closet – it turns into the biggest project of the weekend. We want to save time during the week by planning our meals, or trying some new fancy gadget (see post I made just a few minutes ago about the air pump to keep salads ready & at-the-go) – but we don’t actually prepare the week’s worth of snacks & salads on Sunday night, or we forget to put those dishes away, or we only finish half our meal-plan or grocery-shopping. We want our kids to do chores, but we never get around to making that fancy chore-stick jar. -All the simple projects seem to require some kind of fore-sight or pre-planning. Yes, it’s possible your kids might do chores with a much-more gracious attitude if they draw a stick out of a jar, but you have to make them that chore-jar first. And freezer-cooking will all-but make dinner-stress disappear, but you have to do the cooking up-front, for the pay-off later.

I sometimes think these things designed to make our lives easier turn into such big cumbersome burdens that we lug around with us, our guilt for not doing X eating away at us internally. “Yes, I really should have done that…” Now, WAIT JUST ONE SECOND —- weren’t we going to do that task in the first place under the pretense of making things simpler? How is adding guilt to our lives going to make anything simpler for us?

The real question to ask is, How come it turned into a dreaded project for you? For me? Anyone else have a pile of laundry so tall it would be better served as a play-mountain for the kids to play hide-and-seek in? So the project makes it way onto the “Yes, I have to do that still…” list.

You can almost hear the guilt dripping off the edge of that thought.

Why is that? Why are the ideas we have to make things simpler so challenging to implement? What is it about a simple idea gone astray that leads to such trepidation over ever getting started? What causes it to become almost a burden when we don’t implement it? Our lives were simpler when we weren’t feeling guilty for why we didn’t do it, that much is true. Just ask any man… they’re all about good & clever ways to make things simpler – but they’ll be the first to tell you they don’t worry about it if they don’t get around to doing it that way.

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