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When Life Hands You Too Much At One Time

Posted on Sun 05/31/15 in A Healthy Family series, Do not hesitate to add your own comments! What are your tips? [1], Read the post

Every so often, life tries to steal time from me, by making sure I’m too busy putting out fires that I fail to pay attention to where and when it disappeared.

How We Manage When We're Both In Busy Season

Posted on Fri 02/28/14 in Career-Mom, Share your story: [2], Read the post

It’s hard when we’re both in busy season together. But we’ll make it work, we always do.

My First 30-day Meal Plan: Intentional Shopping

Posted on Sat 01/25/14 in Dinner Stress series, Share your story: [2], Read the post

I combined 2 ideas and came up with a really great way to meal-plan. This is the first time I’ve ever experimented with mealplanning over multiple weeks, but a recent conversation got me thinking that it could help me save if I knew what meals I was going to make for the month because items could be purchased with intent, and coupons I spot would have more substance.

Color-Coded-Calendar (& Link to a FREE PRINTABLE!)

Posted on Tue 10/22/13 in Getting Organized series, Share your story: [2], Read the post

We call this technique the “funnel” technique, because when I start to feel guilty that I can’t keep it all together and laundry is suffering, gardening, blogging, projects around the house, and our budget are suffering, it really helps to have a funnel to narrow down my choices. The simplest solution is just to act.

Project 2: Now Add The Kitchen (Minus the Dishes)

Posted on Sun 08/18/13 in Getting Organized series, Share your story: [2], Read the post

Keeping things clean is not easy when you’re an absent-minded “set-it-down-er” but after 3 weeks of keeping up with small changes to the living room, it’s time to build another habit to the repertoire—- The Kitchen, where IMHO we are most severely judged…

Project 1: Keep the Living Room Clean for A Week

Posted on Sat 07/20/13 in Getting Organized series, no comments yet, Read the post

The living room is a great place to begin, because it’s the easiest room to involve your family in.