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Color-Coded-Calendar (& Link to a FREE PRINTABLE!)

Posted on Tue 10/22/13 in Getting Organized Series, Share your story: [3], Read the post

We call this technique the “funnel” technique, because when I start to feel guilty that I can’t keep it all together and laundry is suffering, gardening, blogging, projects around the house, and our budget are suffering, it really helps to have a funnel to narrow down my choices. The simplest solution is just to act.

Project 2: Now Add The Kitchen (Minus the Dishes)

Posted on Sun 08/18/13 in Getting Organized Series, Share your story: [2], Read the post

Keeping things clean is not easy when you’re an absent-minded “set-it-down-er” but after 3 weeks of keeping up with small changes to the living room, it’s time to build another habit to the repertoire—- The Kitchen, where IMHO we are most severely judged…

Project 1: Keep the Living Room Clean for A Week

Posted on Sat 07/20/13 in Getting Organized Series, Annotate [2], Read the post

The living room is a great place to begin, because it’s the easiest room to involve your family in.