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Summers With Grandma

Posted on Wed 08/12/15 in Reciprocal Affection, Share your story: [2], Read the post

The lessons you learn from grandma never fade. They stay with you for life.

How We Manage When We're Both In Busy Season

Posted on Fri 02/28/14 in Career-Mom, Share your story: [2], Read the post

It’s hard when we’re both in busy season together. But we’ll make it work, we always do.

Responsiblity turned into burden - My greatest fear

Posted on Mon 10/21/13 in Career-Mom, no comments yet, Read the post

‘Granted, most of us if not all have our own responsibilities and that pretty much dictates why we do what we do. Yet, it’s a shame how responsibilities have turned into burden. Is this why you’re feeling less-than-stellar with your life?’ – Pick Your Brain

1 Tip for Successful Women - Do You Do This?

Posted on Wed 09/18/13 in Career-Mom, Share your story: [1], Read the post

“You ever worry sometimes that some day people are going to discover that you’re not as good as everyone thinks you are and you don’t actually have it all together?”

5 Tips for Blended Families

Posted on Sat 07/20/13 in Career-Mom, Annotate [1], Read the post

“You hear a lot of dialogue on the death of the American family. Families aren’t dying. They’re merging into big conglomerates.” – Erma Bombeck

My First Post: Making the decision to get less stressed

Posted on Thu 07/18/13 in Career-Mom, no comments yet, Read the post

The demands from kids, the pressures from work, and the endless requests and obligations that we take on – just trying to make your house into a home can cause endless stress and anxiety